Brass clocks

  • Brass clock CC-012
Brass clock CC-012

Brass clock CC-012

  • Material: cast brass
  • Size:height 38 cm
  • Method:mechanical
  • Product description: Alpha sculpture supplier of European design brass clocks,European designs bronze mechanical clocks and quartz clocks,customize the brass/bronze clocks as per photos or drawings.

Alpha sculpture supplier of brass statue sculptures,we use the traditional lost wax casting technique which has more than 2000 years,in Chinese museum still  has a lot of Qin dynasty cast brass antiques.

Alpha Sculpture use the high quality copper material mix with some precious metals which can give the copper has longer life and stronger performance.  According to the chemical content different it's divided to bronze and brass.

Both bronze and brass sculptures can be patina or paint acrylic pigments with different colors.Colorful colors can be paint by our artist.

Alpha sculpture has 15 years export experience in high quality sculptures,we can customize the Brass sculptures,Bronze sculptures,Marble sculptures,Fiberglass sculptures as per photos or drawings for clients.