Bronze water fountain

  • Bronze Trevi fountain CCF-009
Bronze Trevi fountain CCF-009

Bronze Trevi fountain CCF-009

  • Size: Statue height 250 cm or custom
  • Material: Brass or bronze
  • Technique: Lost wax casting
  • Packing: wooden case
  • Product description: Alpha sculpture supplier of replica bronze Trevi fountain same as Rome,custom European designs brass bronze Trevi Neptune statue fountains,our skilled masters making perfect brass/bronze Trevi Neptune

Alpha Sculpture produce cast bronze water fountains in large size for garden and yards,custom the European classic design bronze water fountains,make mordern bronze water fountains as per photos or drawings. China Alpha Sculpture has 20 years experience of custom cast bronze water fountains for world widely clients.Our masters made bronze/brass water fountains with perfect details,all cast bronze water fountains in high quality copper material.

About Alpha Sculpture Company

Alpha sculpture supplier of bronze statue sculptures,we use the traditional lost wax bronze casting technique which has more than 2000 years history,in Chinese museum still  has a lot of Qin dynasty cast bronze antiques. China Alpha sculpture company custom sculptures in the materials of cast bronze,cast brass,cast aluminium,wrought bronze,stone and fiberglass.

Alpha Sculpture use the high quality copper material mix with some precious metals which can give the copper has longer life and stronger performance.  According to the chemical content different it's divided to bronze and brass.

Both bronze and brass sculptures can be patina or paint acrylic pigments with different colors.Colorful colors can be paint by our artist.

The cast bronze/brass sculptures including bronze European statue sculptures,Replicas of Greek statues, bronze Catholic religious statues,bronze animal sculptures,European designs brass clocks,custom modern sculptures for artists and clients. The bronze statue sculptures manufacturing means by lost-wax casting.

The European we have made the museum statue sculptures replicas such as Michelangelo David statue sculpture, Three Grace bronze statue sculpture,Venus De Milo bronze statue sculpture,Farnese Hercules statue sculptures, Hunting Apollo bronze statue sculpture,The Thinker bronze statue sculpture, bronze Discus Thrower statue sculpture etc Greek and Italy famous statue sculptures.

The Catholic bronze statue sculptures we have made bronze Saint Mary statues,bronze Jesus statues, bronze Saint Joseph statues,bronze Saint George statues, bronze Saint Michael statues, bronze Pope John Paul II statues,bronze Saint Casey statues,bronze our lady of Grace statues,bronze Holy family statues etc.Custom  religious statues for large size and table top size.

Alpha sculpture has 20 years export experience in high quality bronze water fountains,marble water fountains,fiberglass water fountains as per photos or drawings for clients.

Any questions about bronze,brass,copper,stone,fiberglass,steel sculptures please contact Alpha freely.